Today I drew Samwise Gamgee in the liar of Shelob Spider!

Shelob hurt Master Frodo (not shown) so Sam, raging with the strength of 1 Man or 7 whole Hobbits, punches her in the belly with Sting the Sword of Magical Eleven Power Fairy Stuff! *Glitter*

I wanted to draw all of Shelob but I used tiny paper to draw a huge spider like a giant idiot.

Your a zombie,

P.S. Happy Halloween!


Sometimes you just draw to draw because to draw is fun.

Here, a poem.

Cats make me sneeze.
I have seen lots of tweens,
with Mullets recently.
Rat tails too.
When I see a bird,
I think of poo,
in my hair,
at the Kindergarden Picnic,
I hope there is a heaven,
for worms dat die during,
Coo coo ka choo.
Chugga chugga choo choo.

The Worm is in the bird,


This is a Musical starring a Worm, named Dorian, who lives underground and his struggle with The Shared Worm Experience of what to do when it rains. “To die or to die?” said, Wormet in a famous play by Wormian Snakespear.


I am stroking my keyboard,


I wrote a poem about a Bee who blew into me. He got pollen all over me. He fell to the ground and hummed, hummed, and hummed. I scooped him up with a quarter I was saving to buy a gumball. I wasn’t gonna touch him with my finger, he might sting me. I blew him a kiss and he flew away. His memory will forever be stitched inside of me. Where my heart is, inside my personal person, between my ribs.

I loved a Bee,
I loved thee Bee,
So much, I loved the Bee.
I hugged zee Bee, I kissed zee Bee,
Until zee Bee’s pollen cometh outta thee.

It started raining,
Watermelon Slices.

Worms came wiggling out,
The ground.

Puddles of Watermelon Rain began to form.

I licked the puddle.

I kissed the Bee.

I licked the puddle.

I kissed the Bee.

There is a man in the window, and he’s looking at me,