This is a tree I saw today when i was playing Super Mario Again Wii U Adventure DS. “What an interesting tree!!!” said I. I was near the pencil so i drew it the tree. This is my blog about trees i see in video games.



2 thoughts on “Super Wii U Tree

  1. zhangah

    I love the Mario games, your drawing and the idea of drawing trees you see in video games. You have a real confidence in your line and a great understanding of form. The goomba makes me nostalgic for the gaming days of the early 90s,

    1. Almo Brown Post author

      Thanks! 🙂

      Ya I started out with the idea to draw the trees I saw in Video Games just to get the ball rolling, get more drawings done, then it turned into drawing whatever I saw, thought about, or imagined, until I did a drawing a day for a year!


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