Cowboy Astronot

Hey hey hey,

This is Cowboy Astronot. He is not just a Astronaut but not just a Cowboy, he is both. He just floating along protecting the universe at the Intergalatic Saint Patricks Day Parade, looking for GREEN aliens, to melt with his laser gun!!!

WAIT! There is a GREEN Alien behind you Mr. Cowboy Astronot! LOOK OUT!!!!!!!!”AHHHHHHHHH AHHHH!!!! TURN AROUND!!!! SHOOT HIM!!!! SHOOT HIM!!! BLAST HIM WITH YOUR LASER BEAM!!!! Wait they appear to be friends. The alien is like “Hello Cowboy Astronot, how have you been? How is your wife Princess Alia?” (Cowboy Astronot must be a crooked space policeman. Space Police and Aliens are sworn arch eneimies if they see eachother someone always never leaves alive ever. Something fishy is going on here. I will investigate later. I must go shower. I smell like GREEN eggs)

Albo Out.


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