Sye The Cyclops

Toot-day I drew Sye The Cyclops. He is a pretty friendly fellow that roams around the countryside where everyone else is from like Dudey, his friend Wiggles, Alex Treebeck, and that insane clown guy and that poor bear he captured, what was his name, oh Chocolatte’ The Bear!
Well, Sye can kinda be annoying too and he is not trying to eat that family in the house like you might be thinking, they are really just stuck hiding from Sye inside that house becasue Sye is the kind ah neighbor that stops by everyday to chat and you know, eat your pets and drink your pourage and puddings.
And while that family is inside avoiding Sye The Cyclops he is articulating the best he can that, he seeeEeeEEeeEEeeeeeEEeeeeee You!

No one hides from the man with one eye, Sye.

Almo Simpson


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