Psy The Psychoo

Hello Almo Brown here,

This is Psy The Psychoo! Not to be confused with Sye The Cyclops. They are brothers tho.
Psy here went cave spelunking for bats the other night. Cyclops like to eat bats, did you know? ( I probably should have drawn a tree or sump’in for comparison but Psy is huge and these here bats are just as huge compared to bats from our world, reality. But use your imagination. Imagine a “Happy Little Tree” right by Psy’s boot. Ok thanks. Psy looks bigger now no?)

Psy and Sye have two other brothers Sigh and Cy however they are out of town right now. They were called to dooty by a wizard that goes by the name, Wizzie The Wezzard, from a land not so far away just over the mountains of Happy Little Town here. When they get back i will show you them.

Ahhhh Chooo,


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