Kermit Montage


When I make my “Kermit Goes Toadstool” movie this will be the MONTAGE scene. Like how in Rocky before the big fight with the rushin he is in the snowy forest lifting logs and running on logs and chasing logs and then he goes to the gym and lifts more logs but he gets real strong in the matter of time it takes the rocky training montage theme song to play which is like, i dont know, 3 minutes, well, when kermit is in the forest and comes upon all these toadstools he eats one and we cut to a scene of kermit in a pac-man game eating all the toadstools and he makes gets becomes the highest score ever which is like 1 gallonzilla! and then he wins and all and we cut back to him naked in a field. No, he will be wearing pants in a field! cuz he was not no never wears pants to begin with, and there will be aliens and strawberry shortcake!

I pee freely,


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