Ho dee ho ho,

Dudey strkes first in his battle with Gator, who is blind, on bridge to MoreDoor Castle! When Super Dudey strikes his hammer fizzles stars!!! This gator cant even see it coming, becasue he is not able to see, becasue i said he is blind, he has cataracks, he is old, he lives in the moat water below the bridge, it is poisoned with the corpses of fallen superheros from before Super Dudey’s time, it caused the blindness, and he was addicted to melange like Paul Muab’Dib and he got the blindness too, then they, the Freman, took him to the dessert desert full of fruitcakes and cactus and he died, maybe? (hehehehehehehehehehehehe) i wish Super Dudey didn’t have to kill the Alligator today. Dudey is even rubbing it in, boasting it up, or as thee kids call it today “Dudey got the swag!”, in what an easy victory he will be had, by doing a finger to the toe a’la toe touch…

It is friday friday friday,


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