Hey you all,

This is Flannie The Flamingo. He is not real. He is a fake flamingo. Stan his owner, the guy peeking his head out the door, leaves Flannie out all year long, that means even in the snow. Flamingo’s hate the snow, you know? That is why Flannie is covered in real birds poop. Flannie is miserable. He wishes he could fly away and be with his brother and sister flamingos in florida, usa. All day long he has to listen to sparrow, chickadee, and cardinal gossip perched up top upon his once shiny yellow beak. His beak is the color of bird poo now and faded yellow plastic.

Stan named him Flannie because Stan only buys cat food for his cats and flan in a can for Stan and Flannie came free as a promotional offer. Purchase 10 flans of can, send proof of purchases, plus pay shipping and handeling and you get a flamingo. “Good deal!” thought Stan.

Keep your dogs on leases,


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