This bee Dudey and Wiggles’es teacher Miss. Applebushes. She likes to feed ducks donuts that she takes from the teacher lounge that other teachers do not eat. (Do not / Do nut) After work she drives throoooot the park and stops to feed Dougie the Duck and Donut the Duck and Daffy Duck and Donald Duck. Scrooge McDuck died over the winter. He was old.

He only liked to eat change. Coins. Bitcoins too.

She tells them, the ducks, her secrets. Like why she does not have to shave her legs. Becasue no man will ever love her. Becasue she likes to sit at home and watch Chef Wars and Just Another Show About Cupcakes on the weekends. Whilst she grades the papers and makes the lesson plans.

I think she is shaving her legs tonight tho becasue it is suppose to be hot this weekend and she wants to show some leg. Get some pickle.



2 thoughts on “Miss. Applebushes!

  1. Gina Guyer

    Did you see someone feeding the ducks/geese donuts at the Lily Pond? I wouldn’t put it past them. I love your color scheme of things ; ) – Gina

    1. almobrown Post author


      No, but i did see some people the other day feeding the gooses from their automobile and when the gooses would go “Honk!” the people would honk their car horn like this “HOoOoNK!”. It was funny and sad.

      Thank you come again,
      Almo B.


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