This is the GOLDEN PICKLE! With the GOLDEN GUN! That has one arm! And a purple glove!

I think that will be his Theme Song.

In retrospection mode, I wish i would have gave this special pickle a special hat. His pickle skin is metallic. It is bulletproof. He is a tough pickle. The color of pee. His gun is a one shot kill like the golden gun in Goldeneye64. He is like a robocop type of pickle in the pickle world. There are other types of pickles and they have eyes and noses and mouths. They have jobs and kids and pets. Their pets are bugs tho, not animals. The GOLDEN PICKLE does not have those things. He is kinda like the T-1000 type of terminator of the pickle world. He came from the future to kill John Conner Pickle. All the other pickles think the GOLDEN PICKLE is a prick. (prickle)

There is always tomorrow,
Almo Brown


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