Good Sunday,

The Picklenator has caught up with THE GOLDEN PICKLE as they emerge up on’ed John Conner Pickle as he goes to play at the playground with Sarah Conner Pickle! Will this be the final showdown to save the future from Picklenet (nothing at all like Skynet).

Picklenet is the Pickle Resistence Program that John Conner Pickle will form if he is able to escape THE GOLDEN PICKLE and THE PICKLENATOR assassians who both happen to be working for Skynet but one of them is a spy who pretends to be with Skynet he is really the creation of Apple Kid and Orange Kid from Earthbound. They want to use their terminator to get control of John Conner Pickle and use him to fight the evil Giygas. Now, which pickle is doing what to whom and why I do not know. It is a mystery.

Picklenet will go on to have Cyber Wars with Skynet over mineral rights and forged legal land documents on Mars for their Mars-hellus Shale Snake Oils.

After The Picklenator made poop in the field he ran into the bushes and then he poped up from his bush and saw THE GOLDEN PICKLE across the way and he said to himself “That is a nice hat GOLDEN PICKLE has on. He blends in well now with the rest of the pickles.”

Good rest to you,
Al B.


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