Oh poo,

Based on observations of your lawn this is what your lawn looks like if you go outside and look down. There are little blue flowers and little pink things and dandelions and occasionally poop. Is this poop human or animal? Where do you live? It could be human poop. You might think boy this poop is to big to be a dogs! Then most likely you have a human poop in your yard. Just let it be. It will turn white becasue it gets sunbaked and then it just kinda disappears.

Anyways, sometimes you will see a bee and sometimes you will see some white flying thing. Is it a moth that likes the day better then night? I do not know.

This bee was informed there was the prettiest flower ever full of lush liquid honey just over the hill and between the three dandelions. Some other bees back at the hive told him this. They played a joke on him. It was just a poo pile.

Everyday Poop’in!
Almo Brown


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