This is Moe Monet! The “T” is silent beaches!” he yells from the hills in the south of France where he does his impressionistic paintings. He even has time to write impressionistic American rap song, as follows:

“I am so rich I wear gold boots! I wear them on my little foots! I have eyesight, like my father. To wear glasses, he never bothered! Moe Monet, Moe Problems! Holla! No don’t bother! I’m out! In the hills! One with nature! South of France! Impressionistic!”

Note: His Dad is Claude Monet. Dudey’s, Graham Grandma Cracker, back in Happy Town, read in a Art History book once, that Claude Monet, father of Moe Monet, may have painted like he did because his vision was blurry. You have been schooled.

Starry starry night,
Almo Big Business


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