Baby Frog was down at the pond when Snoopy was chasing dragonflys, fell in, and Snoopy was not wearing his water wings and can not swim so Baby Frog was like hop, hop, and ribbit, ribbit his way to Charlie Brown.

Baby Frog say “Chuck Brown help Snoopy drown!”

Chuck say “”You want me to help drown Snoopy?”

“No! No!” say Baby Frog “My English bad. Please come help Snoopy is drowning!”

“Oh” says C. Brown “You need to use more linking verbs like is, am, are, was, were, when you speak Baby Frog.”

“Ok I will try to Mr. Brown. Thanks for the helpful tips.”

“Your welcome. Now lets go save Snoopy. Here you can ride atop my big head Baby Frog.”

Thanks Mr. Brown! It is so spacious up here. Your head big like melon”

“You mean my head is big like a melon, Baby Frog!”

And so they both laughed like this “Ho Ho Ho Ha Ha Hee!”

And together they saved Snoopy’s life. Then went to get ice cream.

The End,


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