Howdy Y’all! I was driving home from work and it was all pouring like, water drip drip drip from the sky and all, in da park i was, and all these ese geese ‘es was all walken and singing a song – *hit it Stan!*

We’re Ah Bunch Of Goose ‘es!
Annnnnd We Crossing Da roooOad!

Ya Goose ‘es!
Annnnnd We Crossing Da rooooOad!

SssSSsssSsss Get Outta Our Way!
SssSSSssssSSs Get Outta Our Way!

(And then the last one crossed and said in a real cute high pitched voice)

Thanks Foooooooooooor Waiting!

(OH! and he did that thing with his hat that people do on broadway when they leave a stage they like take it off and wave it all silly like and stuff while they kick there legs up high, i dont know, i saw it once, so must happen all the time)

Bye July,
Almo Buns Brown


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