Today I walked into the kitchen and Walter White and Cookie Monster were making me “Blue Cookies”.

I said “Heisenberg! Put some pants on you silly man!”

Then me and Cookie Monster each ate a “Blue Cookie” from all of Walter’s trays.

Cookie Monster and me agreed that these were the best “Blue Cookies” we ever had.

Then Jessie Pinkman came over and we played videogames on the couch until Walter got mad and yelled at Jessie to help him clean up. And some stuff about Jessie wouldn’t be getting his share of the “Cookie Dough” otherwise.

Jessie said “Yo dogg holds on cat man dang, fo’ realzzz!”

So me and Cookie Monster said we would help Walter. So we grabbed all the trash and went outside to fill up Oscar the Grouch.

Oscar complained about alot of stuff. So I tipped him over. Me and Cookie Monster ran away.

Then, Cookie Monster sharted,
Almo Brown


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