Almo Bieber here. Where all my Chocolate Turtles at?

Hello, This is the Happy Town Fire Department. They saw Butterfly. She works at the bank. She is a teller, of banking secrets. She has blue hair. She has a pet Moose and a pet Goose and a Bose stereo. Her father is an astronaut and her mother makes mini ceramic animals and sells them at craft fairs.

The Firemen liked here. They swirled their horn at her, gave her the thumbs-up of approvals. That is Sloth from Goonies up there in the basket.

So did, liked her, so did Dudey’s step-dad, Marcus, so did. He came from the swore-air like a Ninja Turtle to watch Butterfly float down the street.

Fly fly butter fly in the dairy aisle,
Almo Brownies


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