Earl The Squirrel was out looking for rocks to lick and sticks to chew since he can not eat any nuts at all because of his severe nut allergy when he came across Big Bubble Booty Bob The Squirrel and Bubble Bob was mean to Earl but Earl, he took it well.

Pass mass gas class,
Almo Buttersworth


4 thoughts on “The Big Nuts!

    1. Almo Brown Post author


      Hmm, maybe the key to achieve the elusive “Circley Circles” is to draw many Charlie Brown heads, and remember to keep turning the paper as you go, and like “flare” your pencil. Flare, flare flare! Turn paper turn!

      And repeat many times.

      I think that’s how I do it.

      Thank you! Come Again,
      Almo Brown


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