Earl The Squirrel has found himself in some BiG TROUBLE!

He was just trying to get his daily requirement of moss in, when three big Warthogs show up and try starting some trouble!

They like “What the HeHeHA is this?! What you doing licking our rock Squirrel boy!? We da baddest boys in all these wild woods! We da Warthog Boyzzz, yo! Now what you doing licking our rocks you dumb rodent?!”

And Earl said “I will be on my way gentlemen. I hear with my ear at this very merry mintute a Feather-Friend of mine named Willie calling my name. “Earllll Theeee Squirrellllll, Earlllll Theeee Squirrellllll!” Hear that? I gots to go, you silly boys! Ta-Ta!

And Earl lived to die another day,
Al Brown


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