In the Wild Safari of Happy Land the kitties there like to eat Little Hobbit people.

Here we have Kiwi Kitty planning an ambush from above on a Happy Hobbit Home when her parental guardian Que Que Kat (She is Spanish), recruits the help of Giraffe’ (He is French) the giraffe to get Kiwi Kitty down.

But, being an oppurtunist, Bernie Python from Burmese (He is Asian) uses the Cat Distraction to sneak right in the Happy Hobbit Home’s Buggie Door, i think he will fit. (Happy Hobbits are like the Pickle People they have bugs for pets. So that is why it is called a Buggie Door and not a Doggie Door.)

I don’t know what kind of HeHeHa creature I drew on that rock. It might be a dinosaur that survived the Galatic Comic Crash of -123,000,321 years ago. I will name him, Lucky.

Timber Sep Tember,
Almo Buttkissingtons


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