It turns out that Gassy The Assassin Bug was just a decoy working with the real assassin, Doo Doo The Bulldog!

Doo Doo was paid handsomely in Honey Flavored Dog Bones to “sniff-sniff-sniff-up” Mr. Bug President and return him to Thee Bumblebee Boyz underground hideout! Doo Doo, only recruited the help of Gassy The Assassin to scare Mr. Bug President right into his HUGE dog nostrils sniffing trap!

Thee Bumblebee Boyz don’t like that Mr. Bug President has put strict sanctions on their honey and now its time to send him a message one stinger at a time, real real slowly!

Dont mess with the BumbleBee Boyz!,
Almo Brown


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