As Doo Doo the Bulldog was climbling the hill to Thee Bumblebee Boyz secret hideout in Honey Hive Kingdom he passed Earl the Squirrel and Warthog Hithog on their way down the hill to Monster Moss Pond to beat up The Wild Warthog Boyzzz who told Earl the Squirrel to scram earlier last week!

Whilst being held captive inside Doo Doo The Bulldog’s nose sniff-sniff trap, Bug President Abugraham Lintcoin, tried his best to get any of his bug citizens attention to help free him and Secretary of Bug Defense, Randy Bugbuns.

President Lintcoin was like “Help Me! Help your Bug President! Free phones for all! No bug-child left behind! Global Warming is a myth, further study is needed!”, but none of these promises worked on the jaded citizens of Bugmerica.

And alas, Doo Doo the Bulldog continued on up the hill to Honey Hive Kingdom. And Earl the Squirrel and Warthog Hithog continued down the hill to Green Monster Moss Pond.

Pee Pea,
Almo Shaf-dough


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