Da Wild Warthog Boyzzz! and Earl The Squirrel and his trusty hog, Hithog are’s bouts to RuMBle!

Earl, he do not mess around. He has brought his pearing knife to this hog tusk fight!

However, The Ox Named Oregon Trail looks on from afar. It looks like he is saying he is going to go get his Master Dolt. Dolt Bunyon that is, and let him know there is trouble down at Old Monster Moss Pond!

Dolt is back at the Axey Tavern with the axe murdererur, Axel though! If Axel shows up to this RuMBle everyone will be axe killed! Chopped to pieces! Used as firewood! Thrown into Moss Monster Pond in bits and pieces! Eaten by Mossy Fish! Mossy Turtles will rest on appendages like they are logs! Mossy Insects will lay eggs on eyeballs!

Sgt. Slaughter,
Albo Dos Equis


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