This morning I saw one some-what chubby squirrel come up to his fellow slightly chubbier squirrel neighbor and he said,

Brother Slightly-More-Chubby-Then-I Squirrel, these are times of plenty! Nuts they fall from the sky all around us! Let us put aside our differences! Do we have any? No, it does not even matter! Let us put it all aside and let us embrace in a hug that will last forever! Winter will be upon us soon and harsh the times will become then! But today, Brother Slightly-More-Chubby-Then-I, the times are good! I love you Squirrel Brother. What nuts fall in my yard are your nuts too Brother. Do not let go. Forever we hug.

And the Slightly-More-Chubby-Squirrel said, “Otay!”

Then I went back inside. It was cold out,
Albo Brown


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