It is Dirty The Seagull!

Dirty The Seagull is starring in a home movie titled “Dirty The Seagull and The Worm in The Pickle Jar” by Dudey Putts of Happy Town for the Miss Applebushes 3rd Grade Film Festival!

It is going to be awesome! It is about a substance abusing fisherman who leaves a worm in a pickle jar on the dock pier and then a seagull finds it and spends 3 hours of climatic movie cinema trying to get into the pickle jar to eat the worm and in the end when he finally breaks the pickle jar open he realizes him and the worm have gotten to be the best of buds and they go adventuring together and go on to make a sequel next summer. And Dudey Putts wins his 3rd Grade Film Festival.

Frog Bee Grasshopper,


2 thoughts on “Dirty The Seagull!

  1. Almo Brown Post author

    Oh, no no, you have a speaking part during a chase scene when Dirty The Seagull is running away from the Sandpiper Mafia and he flys into a nearby Circus Tent and hides between some elephants.

    You say “This seagull is FILTHY!” and it starts a stampede, kills all of the Sandpiper Mafia, and Dirty The Seagull escapes leading into the dramatic conclusion of the film.


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