This is Pump-Cat-Kin and a spider named Dangly.

They are just hanging out being all dangly like.

However, Pump-Cat-Kin is on his way to the Pumpkin Patch. Pump-Cat-Kin likes to hide inside that pumpkin he is wearing and then sit amongst all the other pumpkins in the patch and then jump out to eat mice and chipmunks that are out, about, minding their own business or taking a walk holding hands with their loved one or just on their way to the grocery store or to get their chipped chipmunk tooth looked at by the chipmunk dentist!

Then POW! WHAM! RIP! TEAR! SHRED! SUFFER! They are dead.

WeeWhoa-aaahh, (sound of a cat in heat)
Almo Tanenbaum


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