This Pilgrim came across a Native Not-Indian by the name of “Rides on Bloated Diseased Horse“!

Pilgrim say “Get off yo’ stinky horse you Injun! This land is my land, not your land, from the California to the New York Islands!”

Rides on Bloated Pony said “How?”

“I will show you “HOW” Injun!”

“How” said Rides on Death.

“I gonna kill you Injun!” said Pilgrim. “Get off yo’ father fudging horse!”

“How” said Dying Horse Covered In Flies.

“This is “HOW“!” said Pilgrim

And so he shot him how and he shot real good. The Native American “Rides on Bloated Diseased Horse Covered In Flies And Filled With Maggots Inside” was no more.

He let the Horse live though,
Native Almo


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