Zelissa traveled to the Graveyard after she heard her best pals “Eysore The Donkey” and “Bloated Diseased Horse Covered with Flys, Full of Maggots, and Eaten by Turkey Buzzards” had died!

She had to check all the graves and push on them to find the one that lead down into a Hidden Dungeon. Thirteen minutes later she was in and had to find the Giant Master Key to unlock the door that Eyesore and Bloated Dead Horse were kept behind.

Then once all that happens she unlocked the door with the Giant Master Key and she had to defeat a Giant Scary Skeleton Bones by learning its attack pattern just like how you beat King Hippo in Mike Tyson’s Punch Out.

So then bing badda boom ala yada yada yada the skeleton is dead and she gets the dead equestrians and sews them together with thread from her magic bottomless pockets and rides off into the sunset towards the Lost Woods.

Remember when your lost in the Lost Woods to go up, up, down, down, left, left, right, right, up,
Almo Toefoe


1 thought on “The Legend of Zelissa: A Pony in a Bath

  1. Lissaloo

    Bahahahah Yayaaaayyyyy!!!!!!! Sooo magical!!!! And srsly played a ton of zelda on my 3ds xl today!! Hey, listen! No navi, shut up.


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