This is Link, Chubby Link, if he hated veggies so much, that he never ate them, they became his mortal enemies, and he kills them all, forever!

Those vegetables they got names like, that one he is Bloody Tomato and the flying one, he is Ninja Carrot, from the Vegetable Garden Dungeon behind Gannon’s Summer Cottage.

And Zelda is wrapped in Bean Sprouts,


2 thoughts on “Chubby Link!

    1. Almo Brown Post author

      Yes, Zelda and everyone in Hyrule is Chubby now because no eats Vegetables!

      Vegetables became evil!

      Gannon cursed all the Gardens and has taken the form of a Chubby Cabbage and he kidnapped Zelda and put her in a Zucchini Prison and tied her up with long wormy looking Bean Sprouts, you know those things that come on those “fancy smancy” sandwiches.

      Oh, and Zelda’s favorite food to be chubby with is the Sausage Link!




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