I drew a Cabbage.

Then I said, “I like Tomatoes”. So I drew a Tomato.

I then said, “That Tomato looks like a Pear, I better draw an Eggplant.

The Eggplant is saying “Meh, I am here, and that is half the battle.”

Spongebob lives in a Pineapple.

A Spider can go on top and let’s just put a Bug right, over, hmm, here,
Almo Brown


3 thoughts on “Fruits And Veggie Salad!

    1. Almo Brown Post author


      I can draw most things.

      Transformers are hard to draw. They are more then meets the eye.

      Maybe I will try to draw Optimus Prime hugging Megatron one day for a challenge.

      Thanks again,


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