Here be Chubby Zelda and Skinny Link after they escaped from Cabbage Ganon!

They celebrated at a Buffet so Zelda could eat meat!

She really wanted Sausage Link!

Link he so modern. He been wearing Stretchy Pants with Skirts since the 80’s when the only people back then that wore stretchy pants were Middle Aged Chubby Italian Women with Black Meatball Puff Hair.

Times have changed,


4 thoughts on “Chubby Zelda!

  1. Lissaloo

    Woaaaahhhh!!!!! All that food made zelda a busty gal! The triforce is covering up some THANGS!!!!! Lololol ty for this friend. I have been waiting for it. Hope all is well!!

    1. Almo Brown Post author


      Ya, she turned out pretty much looking like she lives next door to Honey Boo Boo.

      I must admit, my sexy lady skills is pretty weak. It’s cuz when we was lil’ kids Sam took all my naked Jessica Rabbit drawings and showed my parents and I got in big trouble!

      I was so close to mastering the female form at such a young age, THEN BAM!, stunted my growth as an aspiring young horny teenage artist for many years šŸ™‚


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