Look! Up in the Sky! It is Link!

He is playing the Song of Chicken on his Ocarina!

After he plays it, Three Chickens come and Float around him and give him the power to fly short distances, “Cluckle” at other chickens, and peck at their chicken butts!

Today Link’s boots are made of Hawk Feathers and Bear Skin.

“He looks glamorous in those boots!” said the werido mask seller from Majora’s Mask.

Well it’s Tuesday,
Albe Brown


2 thoughts on “Floating Chicken Link!

  1. Lissaloo

    This is a good way to reimagine the use of the birds, since link normally grabs them and they help him float down Down high places slowly.i have ocarina earrings. I owe u an email. Link has gained his normal weight back. Hyrule wins a gold medal!

    1. Almo Brown Post author

      Oh man! You got Ocarina Earrings! I bet you get mad play wit those!

      I need to get an Ocarina, the instrument!

      Maybe I can make one. In my oven. With some clay.


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