Today I saw a bunch of Seagulls chillin’ on a lake.

There was one Seagull flying around making a racket!

I think he was trying to convince the others that this was not the Sea, but a Lake, and that they should keep flying.

It was not working,


3 thoughts on “This Is Not The Sea-gulls!

  1. lissaloo

    Remember when all the Seagulls would be in Hills parking lot growing up? I think it was probaly the popcorn…..

    1. lissaloo

      Omg no, was it Ames? not Hills? Is Ames a place? It was in Austintown across from Walmart. DO YOU KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT?

      1. Almo Brown Post author

        YA! Haha!

        I use Aunt Betty’s “Ames” canvas bag for my dirty towels. It says “Bargains By The Bagful!” on it.

        When I worked at Sparkles one day the Manager told me to go outside and sweep the Parking Lot until all the Seagulls went away.

        I thought it was funny.

        Seagulls are funny.

        I was 16.

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