My dog likes to hang out all alone at the Dog Park.

Way in the back.

With the Wind and the Willows.

What a weirdo,


4 thoughts on “Dog Park Lone Ranger!

    1. Almo Brown Post author

      I just figured it was because Peanut was an only child.

      Then I thought maybe it was because she is like me. Because that is what I would do if I was in a People Park.

      But now I know Peanut is not alone. I guess some dogs just like to be alone.

      Alone together.

      Forever. 🙂

  1. anntogether.com

    I have 2 male dogs: a German Shepherd and a Dachshund – let your imagination fly 😉
    AnnMarie 🙂
    I love the way your mind works – you’re a funny guy! The world needs more funny!!!

    1. Almo Brown Post author

      Thank you! 🙂

      I once knew an unhappy soul who had a Dachshund and when you would lay down he would crawl up your arm and his little boys would just drag across….well you understand! 🙂

      Dogs should wear pants…here check these out…Butt Covers! and Dog Sniffing Train! …more dog park fun times! 😉


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