I made an Adventure Team!

They look like they are on a Mission so I wrote them a Theme Song.

(Inside your heads, begin a *Boom, Boom, Boo, Bee, Boo, Bee!* Drum Beat with Tiny Fluttery *Ting Ting Tingie Tings* of Ukelele Notes sprinkled here and there as you see fit)

“Let’s all be Friends, Together and Forever!

Holding Hands, Together and Forever!

I’ll be the Lookout and you’ll be Pablo Picasso and there’s a Worm too! (whatever)

And Together and Forever! Awesome Mustaches! Going on Adventure!”

I should start thinking things out before i sit down to draw,
Alex is Pants


4 thoughts on “Acorns And Adventures!

  1. Almo Brown Post author

    Haha! Oh, I see it!

    That is actually just suppose to be a Green Hat with a “W” on it for “Worm”.

    But, now all i see is a passed out, sleepy, Duck too! And it looks really cute! Lol! πŸ™‚

    I’m going to start drawing Ducks like that now!

    It will be our thing! Our inside joke! πŸ™‚

  2. trickyricci

    Pssssst – it’s Jessica! I found you on the interwebs! Man. I have been carrying around a pretty ridiculous THING for you, for like 3 days now. And it’s so fragile and awkward. It’s been hanging out in my POSTAL FUR CAP this entire while. Waiting. I feared for your life! That dog you failed to kick… but you’re obviously alive. So come get this THING.

    1. Almo Brown Post author

      Sticky Fingers! πŸ™‚

      The interwebs is so awesome! Right?

      Ya, they gave me days off, two in a row! I don’t even know why?

      I did too, also figure, you would think I was dead!

      I don’t start until 1 tomorrow. (Gotta go get those dirty sacks the rascals fill with glasses. Hey, I was thinking…those sacks are so heavy, I bet it’s not “glasses” in those sacks! It’s…DRUGS! The whole place is just one big Drug Factory! It makes sense! Shhhh!)

      I am excited to see this fragile awkward thing in your fur cap! (That sentence is funny) I got a Fur Cap too! Fur Cap Buddies we will be! πŸ™‚

      We need to make a secret hiding spot on base to put the “THINGS”. To keep them safe. To keep them safe until we can sneak to them.

      We should build a secret clubhouse! Have secret passwords! Hangout there. Bake cookies. Roll play-doh.

      I see you soon!


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