Maybe it’s just me but, I don’t think you should leave your Turtle outside in that Glass Prison Cell with a G.I. Joe when it’s snowing.

A Dog can go “Woof! Woof! I’m so cold! Burr! Let me inside Master so I can eat your warm, tasty, human dinner off the kitchen counter then make a poop upon your bed sheets before bedtime! ROLF! ROLF! ROLF!”

A Cat can go “Meow! Meow! I’m so cold! Burr! Let me inside Master so I can finish clawing the back of the couch off and then I’m gonna take a nap on your black coat so when you go out later it’s covered in cat hair and everyone will point and call you The-Crazy-Cat-Haired-Coat-Person! LOLZ! LOLZ! LOLZ!”

All a Turtle can do is stare into Space until they are frozen like that, forever.

Come on guys! Bring your Turtles inside! Draw it a nice warm bath! Then, throw a couple Lily Pads and a Dirty Brown Log in there! Your Turtle will thank you later when it gives you free rides to Outer Space!

This has been another Public Service Announcement from,


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