I was drawing Bambi then I thought of Rudolph so I got a Bambidolph!

Tie your shoe,


11 thoughts on “Bambidolph!

    1. Almo Brown Post author


      I KNOWS! I KNOWS! 🙂

      I gots all these piles of Reindeer, Snowmen, and Christmas Trees i gotta cut up, piece together, and assemble! My life is so stressful! Lol!


      Here! Enjoy the Penguin Theme of 2013 for a few days in the meantime!

      1. Little Monster Girl

        Well I figure if you don’t mind shipping them out yourself you could probably just set up a shop like on Storenvy and get a local shop to print them but then you have to put out your own cash. But a place like redbubble prints cards and you keep a percentage or something and they print on demand. There’s lots of ways to do it. Stores like spreadshirt have all kinds of stuff print on demand that would look cute besides cards, like mugs and dog scarves and blankets, all kinds of stuff!

      2. Almo Brown Post author

        Haha! Ya, I would like to do something like that! I have looked at Etsy, Storenvy, Society 6, but its all so overwhelming!

        I feel like I would need to up my game or something! I gotta make perfect lines! Perfect colors! Everything has got to be PERFECT if i am gonna sell it! THE PRESSURE IS INTENSE!!! 🙂

        I will make it my New Years Resolution to do something on one of those sites though! You have convinced me it might be a good thing! Dog scarves? Yes! 🙂

      3. Little Monster Girl

        Yeah I was surprised to see you didn’t have store yet! I kept looking for a link to it. 😅
        You should def plan to sell something! I’m sure you could be successful with it. I’d buy stuff lol 😅 anyway, happy holidays! 😄

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