Mr. Poop never receives a friendly welcome when he rides into Snowman’s Town.

He comes to Snowman’s Town to sell his fancy Toilet Paper to The Best-Ski Resort-Ski Cabin located at the top of Ohh, Mountain! (Not pictured.)

Mr. Poop’s Unicorn dispenses said fancy Toilet Paper. Her name will be TP Fancy Pony My Little. She likes to eat all the Snowman’s Carrot noses. (This is also why Snowmen don’t like Mr. Poop.)

It makes Mr. Poop sad he is not liked because he is a poopie.

Hugs and Kisses,


7 thoughts on “Mr. Poop!

    1. Almo Brown Post author

      Yes! 🙂

      All the animals I draw are able to fart stars!

      Seeing them fart stars is just a matter of whether I choose to draw them mid-fart or not.

      These are the tough decisions true artist like us face everyday Tony. You know this! 🙂

    1. Almo Brown Post author

      Lol! Thanks! 🙂

      I wanna draw a whole Poop Village! It’s a whole project! I’m gonna need some help populating it with Poop People!

      You guys should sign up! 🙂


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