This is Larry!

He likes to go outside and hold Dead Fish on his front porch and yelp weird variations and pitches of “kitty” to attract Stray Cats that he then brings inside and gives to his Mother who turns them into Cat Soup.

Then he gives her Cat Soup away in used plastic margarine and sour cream containers for free to people passing by in the neighborhood but the opportunity gives him a chance to ask them for 70 cents to catch the Bus so he can go to the Library.

Cats come in all colors of the Rainbow,


2 thoughts on “Cat Soup!

    1. Almo Brown Post author

      Don’t worry! In real life I think he really likes cats! He might be a cat hoarder!

      In my imagination he is an odd man that feeds all the cats to catch them and make Cat Soup!

      He offered me soup one day!

      It smelled sour!

      It had HUGE chunks of meat in it!

      Plus, all the cats around!

      Thus, Cat Soup! 🙂


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