Last Sunday, these two dudes stopped drinking Mountain Dew and playing Virtual Reality Star Destroyer 3 Avenge of The Black Holed Purple Space Mutants From Sector X-79D and went outside and played with snow!

(Snow is cloud poop because rain is cloud pee, FYI.)

Reality was exciting!

They built one Snowman!

They named him Dr. Dirty for some reason.

Dr. Dirty likes eating Snow Ice Cream! (Cloud Poop)

Monday school was cancelled but they just stayed inside and watched TV. Hoda and Kathy Lee came on at 10am and then the Price is Right at 11, Night Court reruns on TV Land until Fraiser came on at 2, Coach and That’s So Raven, Salute Your Shorts, Doug was funny, Eek The Cat, Pound Puppies change the channel, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, No but that episode of Cops was crazy.

Woo Reality,


4 thoughts on “Making Snow Sculptures!

    1. Almo Brown Post author

      The Mailman Girl gets her down!

      The Mailman Girl throws down her mail satchel, brushes aside her hair, rolls up her sleeves, spits into her hands, rubs em’ together, gets a good grip and climbs the tree and saves Kitty’s life!

      The Kitty licks Mailman Girls face and Mailman Girl climbs down with Kitty on top her head. Then she sets Kitty on the ground. But, Kitty insists that Mailman Girl takes her with her. So Mailman Girl places Kitty in her mail satchel. Kitty say’s “I am gonna make better choices from now on! And my first better choice is to stick with you Mailman Girl! Thanks for saving my life!”

      (Mailman Girl has a tiny tear begin to form in the corner of her right eye. No, not because she was touched by Kitty’s kinds words but becasue a Pine Needle poked straight into her eye on the descent down the Pine Tree! Mailman Girl is as emotionally strong as she is physically strong!)

      Together they deliver mail until the end of time!

      (They walk off into the sunset)

      The credits begin to roll.

      End Film.


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