This is The Bread Lady!

She pushes around her Shopping Cart full of Bread!

I see her by the Railroad all the time. I wonder how she gets her Cart of Bread up over the Train Tracks? It is a mystery. I have never seen it happen. I wonder where she lives? There are no houses in the direction she is going? Is she a ghost? Does she exist? Does she just stop right there! Can her spirit not cross the tracks to the other side?

I bet she butters all that bread? But, I have never seen her with a cart full of Butter Sticks. I bet she makes lots of Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches with that bread? But, I have never seen her with a cart full of Peanut Butter and Jelly Jars.

Life is mysterious!

She is a mystery.

That Mouse died of Measles that is not a mystery,


2 thoughts on “The Bread Lady!

  1. Little Monster Girl

    Maybe the bread is for the ducks? Maybe she sells it? Especially if she is shouting “bread”. That’s just asking for attention!

  2. Almo Brown Post author

    Ya maybe she sells the bread for “necessities”! Maybe her favorite form of currency just happens to be bread slices?

    “I’ll give you 3 slices of me oven fresh bread for your sock you Scoundrel?” she says to a scoundrel laying beside a Choo-Choo Train and then the Scoundrel sitting up says “Nah you ol’bag, half a loaf and I give you BOTH me old dirty socks right off’a my feet!”

    (I wanna live in a world where we Barter like this and where Bottle Caps are currency just like in the videogame Fallout!)


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