Sometimes Mushrooms and Bugs can look similar.


7 thoughts on “Mushroom Bug!

  1. Little Monster Girl

    Oh my gosh this is so cute!! When are you putting up your store? 😫 it’s hard to wait!

    1. Almo Brown Post author


      My store! I gotta get to work on that! 🙂

      In the meantime here is an idea I have! It’s a real store where artist like us have real jobs working 9 to 5. We clock in and everything and hang out and make art all day long. We even get a lunch break and two 10 minute breaks!

      So all day long everyone is making the greatest art ever and at the end of day our Boss collects it all up and sells it the next day at the front of the store, window displays, galleries, etc, etc, etc…its real fancy up there, there is fine cheeses and wine.

      Its called The Art Factory! Its smells like printmaking ink, turpentine, and oil paint! It even has steam pipes that blow tons of smoke into the air and everything, steam whistles, just like a real factory!

      There will be lots of mouse holes full of mouse familes there too because of the tiny chesses but all the mouses will all be our friends and they talk to us and inspire us with new ideas for art!

      Maybe we even all wear uniforms! Like overalls and work boots. We all have painters rags hanging out of our pockets! We look like hard macho workers! And everyone carries a sturdy tin lunch box to work!

      One person can wear a beret. Just one person though…

      1. Little Monster Girl

        I think they have places like that already! I found some online. They sell oil paintings and they’re in china, but no one had on a beret.

      2. Little Monster Girl

        I don’t think I want to live in China. It’s too far away and I don’t speak Chinese! 😔

    1. Almo Brown Post author


      Ya, the fangs gave me an idea for something else to draw as i was drawing this. Fangs are cool! Hopefully I stay focused and get it done! 🙂


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