I draw this while licking a Blue Raspberry Popsicle.

I wonder if Mario is about the same size as Frodo.

I wonder if I plant this Butterly Garden Seed Mix if Butterflies will not go extinct.

Dandelions are very pretty but I have to kill them all.

I wonder if bugs have feelings of saddness when I dig into their houses and place a sunflower seed in their bedroom.

Pat, pat, pat, water, water, water.

I have never seen in real life the type of mushrooms I always draw.

I keep the “soul of man” in a Pickle Jar under my kitchen sink,


4 thoughts on “Butterflies Will Not Go Extinct!

  1. cloridaaa

    Oh man I work with plants and now when I repot them I’ll be all like noooo I’m ruining your bedroom!

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