This is the most feared of The Watermelon Boyz, El Melon aka The Melon!

He jump up out dat water and blast you in the face with his Snake Log Shotgun!

Boom! You dead! Then El Melon aka The Melon, drags you back into Lily Lake and all The Watermelon Boyz eat you up and spit out your bones like watermelon seeds just like how back in the day you use to spit out the black seeds in the watermelon but nowadays watermelons dont have the black seeds no more because people must not have liked them so scientist got together and created a watermelon without seeds and its called Seedless Watermelon.

My Zucchini!,


5 thoughts on “El Melon!

    1. Almo Brown Post author

      Yes, in America we don’t have time to deal with seeds we need to eat the fastest between TV commercial breaks so all of our watermelons are seedless. I don’t think you can buy a watermelon with seeds anymore in a grocery store you gotta go find a farmer to sell you one but all our farmers only grow corn.

      A good idea for a movie would be a fat american boy from Indiana, hearing of such myths as watermelons with seeds, goes on a quest to find “The Seedy Watermelon”! And it takes him on a journey through the seedy underground world of Black Market Farmers Markets where illegal fruits and vegetables are sold! Where he befriends a Chinese Immigrant Farmers Daughter girl whos parents sell Turnips and knows where to find “The Seedy Watermelon”. They steal her parents Pick Up Truck and journey across the border to Canada where adventure awaits!


    1. Almo Brown Post author

      The Watermelon Boyz were having a picnic on the shores of Lily Lake one day and it was so hot that one of them said I bet I would be cooler if I wore a Watermelon on my head. So he put it on his head and another boy pushed him into the lake for being a doofus but that is how they found out that wearing a watermelon on your head is like wearing a scuba divers bubble helmet and you can breath underwater. So they all put the watermelons on their head and became lake savages!


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