Today I drew Samwise Gamgee in the liar of Shelob Spider!

Shelob hurt Master Frodo (not shown) so Sam, raging with the strength of 1 Man or 7 whole Hobbits, punches her in the belly with Sting the Sword of Magical Eleven Power Fairy Stuff! *Glitter*

I wanted to draw all of Shelob but I used tiny paper to draw a huge spider like a giant idiot.

Your a zombie,

P.S. Happy Halloween!


6 thoughts on “Samwise Gamgee!

    1. Almo Brown Post author

      Sam’s real journey is trying to get back to the Shire so he doesn’t miss the release of the new Zelda for WiiU!!! It’s what he really saw when he looked into Galadriel’s Mirror! The coming of a Zelda game to rule them all!


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