Sometimes you just draw to draw because to draw is fun.

Here, a poem.

Cats make me sneeze.
I have seen lots of tweens,
with Mullets recently.
Rat tails too.
When I see a bird,
I think of poo,
in my hair,
at the Kindergarden Picnic,
I hope there is a heaven,
for worms dat die during,
Coo coo ka choo.
Chugga chugga choo choo.

The Worm is in the bird,


This is a Musical starring a Worm, named Dorian, who lives underground and his struggle with The Shared Worm Experience of what to do when it rains. “To die or to die?” said, Wormet in a famous play by Wormian Snakespear.


I am stroking my keyboard,


I wrote a poem about a Bee who blew into me. He got pollen all over me. He fell to the ground and hummed, hummed, and hummed. I scooped him up with a quarter I was saving to buy a gumball. I wasn’t gonna touch him with my finger, he might sting me. I blew him a kiss and he flew away. His memory will forever be stitched inside of me. Where my heart is, inside my personal person, between my ribs.

I loved a Bee,
I loved thee Bee,
So much, I loved the Bee.
I hugged zee Bee, I kissed zee Bee,
Until zee Bee’s pollen cometh outta thee.

It started raining,
Watermelon Slices.

Worms came wiggling out,
The ground.

Puddles of Watermelon Rain began to form.

I licked the puddle.

I kissed the Bee.

I licked the puddle.

I kissed the Bee.

There is a man in the window, and he’s looking at me,


This is the most feared of The Watermelon Boyz, El Melon aka The Melon!

He jump up out dat water and blast you in the face with his Snake Log Shotgun!

Boom! You dead! Then El Melon aka The Melon, drags you back into Lily Lake and all The Watermelon Boyz eat you up and spit out your bones like watermelon seeds just like how back in the day you use to spit out the black seeds in the watermelon but nowadays watermelons dont have the black seeds no more because people must not have liked them so scientist got together and created a watermelon without seeds and its called Seedless Watermelon.

My Zucchini!,


These the Watermelon Boyz!

They live in Lily Lake. The Watermelon gives them the magical power to breath underwater like an aquatic!.

They like to eat Turtles, Turtle Poops, and Fish. Sometimes they catch fishermen, pull dem out da boat, and eat them too!

“Ahhh! Ahhh! Nooooooooo!” say the Fishermen as they are eaten alive by The Watermelon Boyz!

Tip: If your hot, put a watermelon on your head,


I like to wake up early in the morning and accomplish miracles like making breakfast or reading a book and this one morning I was so into The Hobbit I wrote a poem, as follows.

Instead of going to work today,
I wanna spend the day with Bilbo.

Spend the day with Bilbo,
walking all through the Shire.

If we hit it off,
I wanna spend the night with Bilbo.

Keep me warm by the camp fire Bilbo,
as I run my hands through your hairy feet.

I don’t wanna go to work tomorrow either Bilbo,
I wanna spend my life with you.

Propose to me Bilbo,
put dat Ring to Rule Them All upon my finger.

Now I am your precious.

I love you Bilbo.

The End.

But now I kinda have a crush on Tom Bombadil,