One day it was so cold!

All the Sparrows were jealous that all the Pigeons were sitting on all the Chimneys to keep warm!



This is The Bread Lady!

She pushes around her Shopping Cart full of Bread!

I see her by the Railroad all the time. I wonder how she gets her Cart of Bread up over the Train Tracks? It is a mystery. I have never seen it happen. I wonder where she lives? There are no houses in the direction she is going? Is she a ghost? Does she exist? Does she just stop right there! Can her spirit not cross the tracks to the other side?

I bet she butters all that bread? But, I have never seen her with a cart full of Butter Sticks. I bet she makes lots of Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches with that bread? But, I have never seen her with a cart full of Peanut Butter and Jelly Jars.

Life is mysterious!

She is a mystery.

That Mouse died of Measles that is not a mystery,


This Winter you might see this Chubby Ginger Lad and his Snow Shovel traveling the streets! He will offer to clear your driveway for a Special Price!

Actually, I see this guy everyday and I have never see him use the shovel once!

I call him The Red Snowman!

That Cat, her name is Banana Peppers! She lives on a farm inside a Trashcan.

Crows “Kaa Kaa” to Demons in the Netherworld. They are reporting back what we’re up to!



Last Sunday, these two dudes stopped drinking Mountain Dew and playing Virtual Reality Star Destroyer 3 Avenge of The Black Holed Purple Space Mutants From Sector X-79D and went outside and played with snow!

(Snow is cloud poop because rain is cloud pee, FYI.)

Reality was exciting!

They built one Snowman!

They named him Dr. Dirty for some reason.

Dr. Dirty likes eating Snow Ice Cream! (Cloud Poop)

Monday school was cancelled but they just stayed inside and watched TV. Hoda and Kathy Lee came on at 10am and then the Price is Right at 11, Night Court reruns on TV Land until Fraiser came on at 2, Coach and That’s So Raven, Salute Your Shorts, Doug was funny, Eek The Cat, Pound Puppies change the channel, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, No but that episode of Cops was crazy.

Woo Reality,


This is Larry!

He likes to go outside and hold Dead Fish on his front porch and yelp weird variations and pitches of “kitty” to attract Stray Cats that he then brings inside and gives to his Mother who turns them into Cat Soup.

Then he gives her Cat Soup away in used plastic margarine and sour cream containers for free to people passing by in the neighborhood but the opportunity gives him a chance to ask them for 70 cents to catch the Bus so he can go to the Library.

Cats come in all colors of the Rainbow,


Mr. Poop never receives a friendly welcome when he rides into Snowman’s Town.

He comes to Snowman’s Town to sell his fancy Toilet Paper to The Best-Ski Resort-Ski Cabin located at the top of Ohh, Mountain! (Not pictured.)

Mr. Poop’s Unicorn dispenses said fancy Toilet Paper. Her name will be TP Fancy Pony My Little. She likes to eat all the Snowman’s Carrot noses. (This is also why Snowmen don’t like Mr. Poop.)

It makes Mr. Poop sad he is not liked because he is a poopie.

Hugs and Kisses,


Just in time for the Winter Season it’s the Almo Brown Winter Background 2014! (Northern Hemisphere Required)

Life is Hard and Time is Slow if your a Snowman with no pants stuck outside in the snow wearing nothing but a hat and scarf!

This Holiday Season donate an extra pair of pants to a Snowman in need. I know I will,