I draw this while licking a Blue Raspberry Popsicle.

I wonder if Mario is about the same size as Frodo.

I wonder if I plant this Butterly Garden Seed Mix if Butterflies will not go extinct.

Dandelions are very pretty but I have to kill them all.

I wonder if bugs have feelings of saddness when I dig into their houses and place a sunflower seed in their bedroom.

Pat, pat, pat, water, water, water.

I have never seen in real life the type of mushrooms I always draw.

I keep the “soul of man” in a Pickle Jar under my kitchen sink,


Sometimes on my way to work I say “Good Morning!” to everything I see.

“Good Morning Clouds!” “Good Morning Tree!” “Good Morning Dead Opposum!” and one time I saw a Duck on a Dock and I said “Good Morning Duck on a Dock!” and giggled.



Here are some rejected ideas from the Almo Spring Background 2015!

You got your moths and other flying creepies, some baby chickens, and mushrooms are great!

Shower Monster,


It’s the 2015 Almo Spring Background!

(Northern Hemisphere Required)

I shall title this piece “Do Me!” or maybe “Do Me You Bee’s”. I don’t know?

Spring is sexually active,


The Ice Age has ended but during its last week I noticed escape holes had started forming atop bird homes!

I also saw a Squirrel that had created a tunnel system under all the snow. (Kinda Not Pictured)

Now we live in The Mud Age,