Maybe it’s just me but, I don’t think you should leave your Turtle outside in that Glass Prison Cell with a G.I. Joe when it’s snowing.

A Dog can go “Woof! Woof! I’m so cold! Burr! Let me inside Master so I can eat your warm, tasty, human dinner off the kitchen counter then make a poop upon your bed sheets before bedtime! ROLF! ROLF! ROLF!”

A Cat can go “Meow! Meow! I’m so cold! Burr! Let me inside Master so I can finish clawing the back of the couch off and then I’m gonna take a nap on your black coat so when you go out later it’s covered in cat hair and everyone will point and call you The-Crazy-Cat-Haired-Coat-Person! LOLZ! LOLZ! LOLZ!”

All a Turtle can do is stare into Space until they are frozen like that, forever.

Come on guys! Bring your Turtles inside! Draw it a nice warm bath! Then, throw a couple Lily Pads and a Dirty Brown Log in there! Your Turtle will thank you later when it gives you free rides to Outer Space!

This has been another Public Service Announcement from,



I made an Adventure Team!

They look like they are on a Mission so I wrote them a Theme Song.

(Inside your heads, begin a *Boom, Boom, Boo, Bee, Boo, Bee!* Drum Beat with Tiny Fluttery *Ting Ting Tingie Tings* of Ukelele Notes sprinkled here and there as you see fit)

“Let’s all be Friends, Together and Forever!

Holding Hands, Together and Forever!

I’ll be the Lookout and you’ll be Pablo Picasso and there’s a Worm too! (whatever)

And Together and Forever! Awesome Mustaches! Going on Adventure!”

I should start thinking things out before i sit down to draw,
Alex is Pants


Sometimes, Squirrels eat your Pumpkin. Sometimes, Squirrels like to get inside your Pumpkin and eat their way out. Daredevils.

Sometimes, the Wind blows and Leaves fall off the Tree. Sometimes, the Wind doesn’t blow and Leaves fall off the Tree. Kamikazes.

Sometimes, I look down. There are so many Acorns on the ground.

Today is Tomorrow,


I met these two Frogs in a Graveyard.

They were living in a Puddle on the side of the road.

They spend all day waiting for Flys to land on their Tongues.

I buy my food at a Grocery Store.

So, I ate an Orange and fed them my Orange Peels and then I ate an Apple and threw my Apple leftover at a Tree.

Then I had to go,


Every evening in the Fall, right before the Sun sets, me and Pea go outside and watch all the Gooses fly over the house.

Sometimes they bomb us.

My soup is sweet,


Sometimes you want to Draw but don’t know what to Draw so you Draw a Head, just to get started, and your like “I want a Cup of Coffee!” So, then you go make a Cup of Coffee then come back and Draw another Head but this time with a Mustache, and then you look out the Window and think about Life and you see a Dove, so you draw a Dove, and Snakes are cool, let me wrap it around these Heads, now I don’t have to Draw any Bodies, I like Cats, put one here, a Snail, need a Rock and gotta have a Bug and definitely need a Fly up there.

This is how to draw by,