This is a Squirrel I saw Three and a Half Thursdays ago.

He was all Bald except for his Tail.

He was on a Bridge looking over the edge.

I can eat Cherries real fast,



If you don’t Spade and Neuter your Cats they will all eventually form a Big Cat Ball on your Front Porch and no one will ever be able to come visit you and you will be all alone, forever.

And, there will be Dead Birds everywhere,


Yesterday I wrote a Song and Dance Morning Work Out Routine.

The Dance involves Pointing then doing a Half Circle Jump Twist to the Left then Pointing again.

It goes like this,

There is the Sun!
There is the Moon!
And over there! My Dog goes Poo!

There the Sun!
There the Moon!
And over there! My Dog eats Grass!

There is the Sun!
There is the Moon!
And over there! My Dog pukes Grass!

There the Sun! Let’s watch it Rise!
There the Moon! Look at it set!
And over there! My dog plays Dead!

Repeat Forever.

Richard Simmons,


I wrote a poem today.

Bee’s in a Hive,
Attached to my House,
What are you doing in there?

Bee’s in a Hive,
Attached to my House,
Can I put your Honey in my Tea?

Let me put my Tea Cup,
Below the bottom of your Hole.

Fill it up with Honey,
Little Bumble Bee’s!

Ouch! Stop stinging me!

This has been another poem by,


Today I drew a Flying Pig.

He had a “P” stitched into his side because he had two of his inside parts removed.

One time was because he ate a Can of Purple Soda Popinski and it clogged his tiny intestine.

Purple Pine Trees,


It is hot out.

So I threw me dog some Ice Cubes.

She slept on them.

They melted.

My skin started to burn.

I went back inside,